What Is This ‘Walmart Sucking’ You Speak Of?

An influx of America swelled our inbox and IM line as our segment played on Nightline last Friday. Among them, a girl from a small town who couldn’t understand why people would speak disparagingly about Walmart. We had a little IM chat.

candysnow: Hello I was just watching you on Nightline. What did Walmart do to anyone? I think people have taken this a little too far. I don’t see why people target places you can go to and be treated rightly like Walmart.
fakeout: People’s issues with walmart seem to mainly stem from concern about the retailer’s business practices
candysnow: Like how they do things?
fakeout: For one thing, their effect upon small town economies.
candysnow: Well then those people have the right to go somewhere else. I live in a small town and walmart has help alot. It saves us from having to drive even farther out and in hte future it may give me a job. You see, I agree with the man about AOL but i dont seem to agree with some of the other things.
candysnow: I am considered weird
fakeout: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walmart
fakeout: http://www.walmartsucks.org/
candysnow: i g2g 2 sleep im 14 I will tlk 2 u l8er

(screename changed to protect the precious.)