Cingular Distills Customer Value Into Thermometer Form

A customer service source inside Cingular sends us some interesting internal documents and says the cellphone company has a new policy that’s got the headset set in a bind. He reports that Cingular will, “no longer discount equipment for customers that are not profitable for us, no mater where they stand contractually. I have received several calls from customers attempting to upgrade, only to have to inform them that although yes, they are out of contract, we will not offer them discounted equipment. “

But wait, how does a lowly Cingular rep determine how profitable you are as a customer? Luckily, there’s a handy box on the operator’s screen showing a computerized calculation.

If you threaten to leave Cingular for a wireless provider that doesn’t suck, the degree to which they try to lure you back into the fold will depend on how green your mercury is.

The full three page job aid for Cingular reps, after the jump…

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