Monday Morning Readers Round-Up

We say this every week with some subtle variation, because every week it’s true: you guys write this site, we just get paid for it.

Earlier today, we posted some guidelines to writing us, which you can read if you’re so inclined. But commenter Danilo made an excellent point: we focused too much on the negative. So as a reminder, we definitely want to hear good experiences as well. As much as we want to lambast bad companies, we want to reward good companies with praise and science certificates.

So if you have stories — bad or good — about your treatment at the hands of companies, send them in. The only thing we don’t care to read are tales indifferent.

After the jump, a round-up of last week’s stories pulled from the throbbing tips line.


Radio Shack, You’ve Got Questions, Bully For You
Reader Wonders About ING Direct
Sharper Image Dulled
Shockingly, E-Harmony Found Electronic, Harmonious
Mary Tyler More, Oven Sprite
Cingular Customer Denied Access To Billing Records
BREAKING: Spitzer To Talk To AOL, Again
Broken Watch, Missing Watch, Stolen Watch?
Fee Increase Letter Covered In Gobblydegook

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