Best Buy Dicks Hate Vaginas?

Heather thinks Best Buy is sexist, so she loaded a wax statue of Susan B. Anthony into her purple Volvo YCC and leaped it Thelma and Louise style into a canyon of other possible conclusions.

The gyst of her argument is that when she bought a Hewlett Packerd digital camera from Best Buy, it broke within two days. Although she may like to fling around allegations of corporate wide misogyny when she doesn’t get her way, Heather was a savvy enough consumer not to buy the extended service warranty — yes, those things are scams.

But then it broke. Heather was told she couldn’t return it and would have to go to the manufacturer. “I didn’t bother,” Heather writes. Six months later, Heather’s boyfriend took the camera into Best Buy and they suddenly exchanged it.

So what’s the logical conclusion here? Heather’s boyfriend got a different standard of service than she did: this, therefore, indicates that Best Buy distributes insidious corporate memos that are essentially Anti-Feminist Manifestos to all of its employees. As opposed to, say, her boyfriend just happening to be luckier (and perhaps more persuasive) than she was.

Heather says sexism. We say her experience is indicative of the random distribution of competence, kindness and training inherent at Best Buy and other large corporations. What do you say? Heather’s email after the jump.

I had a horrible experience with Best Buy they are sexist that is all it comes down to. I bought a Hewlet Packard digital camera from Best Buy and two days after the last day to exchange (the camera had never been used) I had decided to upgrade the camera I bought. I went from buying a $200 camera to wanting a $500 camera. I thought that I could just pay the $300 difference in price. They refused to do anything and said it didn’t matter that the camera had never been used they couldn’t exchange or return it no matter what. So I kept the camera and after one use and one use only the camera broke for no reason. Since I didn’t buy there useless waranty they wouldn’t anything to fix it. They told me to contact the HP and maybe they would cover it. I didn’t bother. Six months later my boyfriend took the camera into Best Buy not only were they willing to give him my money back but they offered him the option of buying a different camera all he would have to do is make up the difference in price. Now anytime I need something fixed or returned (which isn’t often because I refuse to shop there) I try to get it taken care of first, which usually fails then I send him. I have talked to
other women who have had similar experiences.

Please let Best Buy know we will not tolerate their sexist behavior because I am only one making the complaint they will not listen, but I have no doubt there are many other women who have experienced this sexism.

Thank You


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  1. Jesse in Japan says:

    Perhaps Heather would have gotten better service if she had a better command of the English language. Then again, if she’s so rich that she doesn’t even want to bother to contact the manufacturer after a 200 dollar camera broke after she already got a 500 dollar camera to replace it, maybe she should just go ahead and get their extended warrantee.

  2. etinterrapax says:

    Heather should have just gone to the manufacturer (or exchanged the damn camera within the exchange period–obviously if it was never used and she planned to upgrade, she could have brought it in sooner). But I will say that I think male BB employees assume that all women are fairly stupid when it comes to electronics purchases. Their efforts to upsell me are much more aggressive than their efforts to upsell my husband, even when we’re shopping together. Women tend to want to please people, and salespeople exploit that. It’d probably work just as well on a man who wants to please as a woman, though, so it flunks my “sexism” test.

    Then there is their concept of the “Jill store,” which is entirely based on the idea that women have maximum power over household buying decisions and minimum understanding of just what it is that they’re buying, and Best Buy is there! To help! Right! First of all, bullshit, and second, anyone who walks into an electronics store not knowing what they’re doing deserves what they get, and not only because they make us all (women) look bad.

  3. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    Umm…I say that there are PLENTY of examples of REAL SEXISM in this world, and none of them are benefitting by hypertensive chicks claiming Cunt Credit whenever they don’t get their way. You want to bitch about sexism? Go study wage inequality, at Best Buy or anywhere else. See what the literacy rates and domestic violence rates are among Muslim women. Volunteer in rape crisis centers. ANYTHING. But keep the senseless whinging in your pants; it’s about as helpful to “the cause” as the “You’re doin’ this cuz I’m BLACK!” retards, and those of us who actually care about the real issues would like you to shut up so that people will quit having an easy reason to not take us seriously. Sheesh. -M.

  4. ModerateSnark says:

    What’s this “better command of the English language” comment, Jesse in Japan? She left out some punctuation, but I don’t see a lot of bad English there.

    Though I do wonder about the “I didn’t bother” comment regarding contacting HP.

    Here’s my theory of why men may have different luck with returns than women. My theory is sort of sexist in itself, but see if it rings true.

    Women tend to give a long explanation of what happened and why they are returning an item. During the process of listening to these explanations, the return clerk may hear something that sounds like the customer’s error or fault, and decide not to accept the return.

    A man might tend to say “This broke. Can I return it?”

    People at the return counter may have a bias in favor of shorter stories, rather than a sexist bias.

  5. kerry says:

    ModerateSnark –

    You’re right about the tendency to “qualify” a return with a story. I’ve realized I have this tendency, myself, and usually mentally rehearse what I’m going to say in advance, so I don’t get to blabbery.

  6. You can’t complain about your camera breaking if you don’t spring for the warranty. My iPod within a week of my 1 year warranty’s expiration, and I can’t really complain about it because I didn’t buy the extended coverage.

    It seems fairly obvious that Heather doesn’t exactly understand the way electronics purchases work, or any purchases for that matter. I used to work in an FYE, and a lot of customers come in asking for returns or exchanges without understanding what the store policy is, or even what exactly they want. I would imagine Heather went into the store, gave some sort of convoluted explanation of what she wanted (return? exchange? new camera?), and was denied because the clerk didn’t get it.

    Then her boyfriend, who maybe even read the store policy on the receipt (what an idea!) went in, could actually communicate effectively with the Best Buy people, and got what he wanted. He might of lucked out and gotten a nicer salesperson, too.

    Maybe this was discrimination against incoherancy, or against ignorance regarding store policy and basic purchases, but it was definately not sexism.

  7. Ishmael says:

    I get treated poorly in Best Buy, but mostly it’s because I’m a bitch. :)

    On a more serious note, I usually let my hubby do the talking in situations like this. He’s in sales, and has that obnoxious charm that gets him what he wants. Plus I don’t have to deal with the fools. It works.

  8. Aph says:

    thankfully Heather can reimpower herself with another consumer move. Buying a Volvo made by women. What, Jetta’s stopped satisfying that target market?

  9. Smoking Pope says:

    I found different results with return attempts at Best Buy had more to do with the attitude of the returner than anything else.

    Just go in there, keep it simple and polite, and tell them in no uncertain terms what you consider to be an acceptable outcome to your problem. If they balk, immediately ask for the manager.

    I’ve never had issues with them, and have even gotten them to go against their policy to help me.

  10. Moderatesnark –

    Only a little bit of missing punctuation? That’s sort of like saying that a Bentley Continental is only slightly more expensive than a Toyota Matrix.

    Clearly, the following things are also sexist:




    -The abilities to detect and eliminate run-on sentences, and determine the appropriate usage of a pair of homophones.

    Pre-emptive gay joke (from a gay): homophones? I don’t see what a Pink RAZR has to do with this. Buh-dum-cha!

  11. steinwaytony says:

    Buying an HP camera + initial run-on sentence = I didn’t finish reading this post.

  12. The Unicorn says:

    Plus, there’s a big jump from “one or two particular Best Buy employees acted in a potentially sexist manner” to “Best Buy Is Sexist.” I mean, I highly doubt it’s written in their employee manual, “Women are dumb: tell them they can’t return shit & they’ll totally let you get away with it.” Even if there’s a tendency for electronics-store employees to treat men & women differently, that still comes down to individual people, & it’s the offshoot of a cultural phenomenon that goes far beyond customer service issues.

  13. ModerateSnark says:

    Granted, the punctuation is bad, but that doesn’t translate into being unable to express oneself in a vocal interaction. On the other hand, the inflammatory tone and length of the letter, while not demonstrative of an inferior grasp of spoken English, may be indicative of the tone and length of the speech and/or argument delivered at the return counter. Ergo, the point I made earlier.


    (Periods are sexist? Hee hee.)

  14. Jesse in Japan says:

    Moderate, just read that last sentence she wrote a few times. Then try to say it out loud and see how natural it feels. OK? Now try the sentence in the middle that begins, “Six months later.”

  15. Sterling6 says:

    I would love to tell you of our experience my wife and I add with the Big Blue Box (Best Buy) in Green Bay Wisconsin. Trust me if I would have know of your Web site I would have heeded the warnings and advice of others that have had just horrible experience with Best Buy.

    Well here goes:

    My wife and I decided to take some of our Tax Return to buy us a new Washer, and Dryer. Well as usual we went to BB as we have done for in the last (9) years to buy all of our Big Price appliance items, as we have bought our (3) Desktop Computers, (2) Refrigerator, (1) Dishwasher, (2) TV’s (3) DVD Player’s, (2) VCR’s, (3) Surround Sound Systems…. etc…well you get the picture, close to $10,000.00 over those (9) years.

    Things seem to go smoothly with the purchase of both of them till the arraigning of the FREE delivery that was with the package deal. But the sales person worked out the glitches an made the delivery on Wed’s the 14th of February in the late afternoon. I informed the sales person that we had some serious plans made, and could they arraign it before or after the 14th. “No” was the reply that it was the only day they could make the delivery. Well ok I said, “but let’s make sure it happens”. No problem was the reply; a they would call us the night before to confirm the time in the afternoon. “Great”, I said, let’s do it.

    The night of the 13th we waited till around 9pm for their call. Nothing, no call. So I called the store a talked to the sale person that sold us the Washer/Dryer, and asked when they would be delivered. I waited on hold for over 20 minutes. Finally I called back and asked for the Manager on Duty. Waited other 10 minutes till he came on the line. I explained the situation to him; he stated he would check into this. After other 10 minutes he game back on the line. He stated that the Order for delivery was CANCELLED and that there was not going to be a delivery. Well my jaw dropped to the floor. “What the Hell was going on”, I asked, I know we didn’t cancel the order for delivery. I informed him of this and said this was not acceptable and that they would need to make the delivery as promised and that we would not be available for any other day. And why the Hell had this had happen. After waiting for other 15 minutes on the phone he finally came back on with ” it will be delivered tomorrow between 4pm an 6pm” OK I said great. As I was about to thank him he hung up, without an apology of any kind, or any explanation of what was going on? Well this should have clued me into Best Buy’s customer service policy of SCREW’EM AN LOSES’EM. Well as promise they did deliver the machines on time, but not with out some hassles there too.

    Where comes the good part:

    The following week my wife an I decided to buy a new laptop computer, and of course BB was having a Package Deal on a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista installed and also with Mini mouse, and carrying case. This sounded great, and in our price arrange too. So we went into the Store and as usual we had to hunt down someone in the computer department to help us with the purchase. After finding a fresh Snot Nose Narcissistic Kid barely out of high school to help us, we decided to ask a few questions about the New Windows Vista system. We wanted to know if this laptop would be able to communicate with the other (3) computers we have in our home running Windows XP? And would it work with our Linksys Network Router System? And will we be able to share files, and to use our Lexmark Printer with this new Windows Vista, and our Network? ” Well of course it would…was his reply, with no problems. ” Well with that, and the blind trust I put in people we bought the laptop, and the extended service plan. And back home with our new toy.

    Well we got it home and started to set it up, and everything was going as smooth as silk till we tried to set up the Network to share files/folders with the other computers, and the printer. Now I am not illiterate when it comes to computers, nor am I an expert, but I knew something was a miss, and something was not right. Well it was late and we decided to wait till the morning to finish the setup.

    The following day was the Worst Frkin Nightmare I have had in 35 years (showing my age of 55) of dealing with any big business, and of course the worst day I ever had with Best Buy.

    I kept trying to make the Laptop communicate with the Network, and my other (3) computers. I would keep getting a Microsoft Windows Error of “not finding a Network”. After spending an hour on their web site I could find nothing, so I called them. I spent over 45 minutes waiting; finally I spoke to someone about the problem (because I thought since it was a Windows Error the would be able to help) no such luck. They said I would need to contact Toshiba about this since this was an OEM (original equipment manufacture) problem, and not theirs. “Great” Called Toshiba, nothing, this were their service person informs me that the new Windows Vista program will not work with the network, router, a printer if my other (3) computers are running Windows XP. “HOLY COW POOP”. This was Frkin Peachy. Toshiba suggested to call Best Buy to see what they can do for me, buy asking someone there if they could help set up the network to communicate with the other computers. Sounded like sense. So I did.

    So I called the Big Blue Box (BB) and spoke to same manager I had dealt with on the delivery problem. Wow that was the most stupid mistake I ever made. This manager was the biggest “DICK” I ever spoke to. I calmly explained the problem to him, an how I was led to believe that there would be no problem with this Laptop running Windows Vista to work with my computers, network, and printer. He told me point blank told me that his sales person would have “never would have told me such a thing”. God I was outraged, not only was He calling me a Lair but also it was quite clear that this worthless manager was not going to help me at all. I asked to speak to his Boss, (the store manager) SHE was not there. Then I asked how to get in contact with his District manager…. guess what…that’s right, he refused to give me that info also stating he did not know how, an even if he did he would not give me that info, because all customer concerns, and problems are handled at the store level, and that this problem did not warrant any further attention. What a worthless piece of human waste. I asked what was the name of his store manager, at first he was very hesent, and then he gave me her name.

    Well for the next (4) days I spent calling the Best Buy customer service line, (what a gdamn joke this is), calling their Corp Office, calling their District office, trying to get someone to listen and care about my problem. Again No-one gave a Royal flying Rats Ass about what was going on. Only to inform me that all the customer relation problems needs are handle at the Store Level. “My God, don’t they understand that here in lies the problem the Store Management and the rotten little peckerhead that sold me the Laptop. “NO>>>HELL NO”. So after nearly going to the Hospital because on my Blood Pressure I decided to give it up. Knowing that Best Buy had SCREWED ME IN THE ASS AN NEVER USED ANY TYPE OF LUB TO EASE THE PAIN. Then out of the Blue the lousy Store Manager called an gave me the lamest apology I ever heard but still would not help me with my problem only offering to send out the GEEK Squad to make my Laptop work with my other computers, an network. But of course this would cost me other $200.00 for their service. God what kind of sick joke these folks live under, what kind of CON-Game they are playing on the costumer, what kind of people believe they would have me come back an waste my money in their store after this kind of Bull Sh___t.

    God I pray, and beg anyone reading this not to buy your need’s at Best Buy, they will Lie, Cheat, an screw you up the behind so hard, that you will see stars. If any one reading this and still believes they will get good service from BB, all you will get is a Stroke.