Best Buy Dicks Hate Vaginas?

Heather thinks Best Buy is sexist, so she loaded a wax statue of Susan B. Anthony into her purple Volvo YCC and leaped it Thelma and Louise style into a canyon of other possible conclusions.

The gyst of her argument is that when she bought a Hewlett Packerd digital camera from Best Buy, it broke within two days. Although she may like to fling around allegations of corporate wide misogyny when she doesn’t get her way, Heather was a savvy enough consumer not to buy the extended service warranty — yes, those things are scams.

But then it broke. Heather was told she couldn’t return it and would have to go to the manufacturer. “I didn’t bother,” Heather writes. Six months later, Heather’s boyfriend took the camera into Best Buy and they suddenly exchanged it.

So what’s the logical conclusion here? Heather’s boyfriend got a different standard of service than she did: this, therefore, indicates that Best Buy distributes insidious corporate memos that are essentially Anti-Feminist Manifestos to all of its employees. As opposed to, say, her boyfriend just happening to be luckier (and perhaps more persuasive) than she was.

Heather says sexism. We say her experience is indicative of the random distribution of competence, kindness and training inherent at Best Buy and other large corporations. What do you say? Heather’s email after the jump.

I had a horrible experience with Best Buy they are sexist that is all it comes down to. I bought a Hewlet Packard digital camera from Best Buy and two days after the last day to exchange (the camera had never been used) I had decided to upgrade the camera I bought. I went from buying a $200 camera to wanting a $500 camera. I thought that I could just pay the $300 difference in price. They refused to do anything and said it didn’t matter that the camera had never been used they couldn’t exchange or return it no matter what. So I kept the camera and after one use and one use only the camera broke for no reason. Since I didn’t buy there useless waranty they wouldn’t anything to fix it. They told me to contact the HP and maybe they would cover it. I didn’t bother. Six months later my boyfriend took the camera into Best Buy not only were they willing to give him my money back but they offered him the option of buying a different camera all he would have to do is make up the difference in price. Now anytime I need something fixed or returned (which isn’t often because I refuse to shop there) I try to get it taken care of first, which usually fails then I send him. I have talked to
other women who have had similar experiences.

Please let Best Buy know we will not tolerate their sexist behavior because I am only one making the complaint they will not listen, but I have no doubt there are many other women who have experienced this sexism.

Thank You