Best Posts Ever, This Week

Most popular stories of the week so far, excluding anything that has to do with AOL. We’re gonna play it cool like that, and ignore the top seven results or so.

Shockingly, E-Harmony Found Electronic, Harmonious. Even more shocking is that we didn’t see any ladies offering up the digits to Danilo. C’mon Orlando, single, well-spoken, good-looking guy available, enjoys shopping!
Sony PSP: Racist? Everyone is missing the obvious Afrikaner references that informed this campaign.
iPods Killed The Genius Bar. For those you of you playing the home version of our game, the correct answer is “Who are The Buggles?”
Adelphia Makes Customer Pay For Porn She Never Ordered. Our grandpa said that liquor doesn’t taste as good after you’re twenty-one, unless it’s free. We’re sure that then porn for pay is like drinking a Long Island Iced Tea, steeped with actual water from Long Island.
Sharper Image Dulled. You can take this nose hair trimmer and shove it where the sun don’t shine, while enjoying the soothing yet precise blade action.

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