Mary Tyler Moore, Oven Sprite

We might have unicorns in Wendy’s commercials but in the 1950’s, they had magical fairies, and Mary Tyler Moore. Before she became Mrs. Dick Van Dyke, Moore was was Happy Hotpoint, a blithe, dancing, 3-inch pixie shilling for Hotpoint appliances on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Moore was also supered over ice-cube trays and popping out of ovens, shouting “Hi! Harriet, Aren’t you glad you bought a Hotpoint?”

What they must have put in those tonics and elixirs back then!

In her biography, After All, Moore recounts, “Fitting into Happy’s elf costume for the next block of commercials proved to be a challenge. I was now three months pregnant and my breasts reflected that fact. I remember the pain of that neutering bra to this day (a bandeau, a sort of bra without cups). I looked a bit egg shaped, but we got away with Happy’s little secret for that group of ads. The elf bit the dust afterwards, though.”

(Thanks to Wade!)