The News

• You know “Anarchy goes better with Coke,” is the headline they really wanted. [NYT] “Even Statelessness Goes Better With Coke. Or Does It?”
• Hardly what you would call a splintered ruler. [LAT] “AT&T to Pay $550,000 to Settle Privacy Cases”
• Every swipe buys another bullet for Chairman Mao! [NYT] “Borrowing Rises as Credit Card Use Jump”
• Boring complainers elicit smaller sympathies, study we just made up shows. [NYT] “They Sure Beat the Airlines, but Hotels Could Still…”
• There’s danger beyond the mere ignominy of driving a focus-group tested toaster oven. [CT] “Scion ‘moonroofs’ subject of safety probe”
• If you can’t have Lay, there’s always other chips to go with the fish. [CT] “Enron-related case means test for new treaty”

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