Monday Morning Tips Reminder

Forget not, we thrive on your spillings of fears and finds. Without them, we begin to fade like Marty McFly after it looked likely he would end up schtupping his own mother. To avoid this calamity, send in your links to relevant blogs you think we might like, your personal true horror/heaven stories of business dealings, rants, kvetches, we want them all. We feed upon them, digest them and often regurgitate for everyone to see and enjoy. Just drop them in our tip box.

Many of our posts originate as user tips. After the jump, you can see how many did last week.

Best Buy Repair STILL Melts Meat, Not Hearts
Reader Informs Us That FedEx Continues To Be A Bunch Of Jerks
Lisa from Comcast Sparkles!
Best Buy: “Oh Yeah, Tetris Breaks All The Time.”
Reader Flexes Consumer Powers
Letters to the Editor: All That Glitters Is Not Gold
America’s Best Makes Four-Eyes See A Blurry Kind of Red
AOL Asks You To Resubscribe To Confirm Your Cancellation
Party Girl Gets Great Snort Sack from Beatnik Bags!
Circuit City’s 24/24 Guarantee Semantically Redefined

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