Best Comments of The Week

In their own special way, many of your comments tickled us this week and we’d like to reward the best with marquee status. Let the love-in begin.

Papercutninja: VW won’t let movies use their cars in war movies, huh? I guess they feel bad about letting Nazis use their cars in an ACTUAL WAR.

Danilo: Oh, thrilling. It is ten long years of waiting, but I finally get to watch this worthless company take its last gasps.

Lemurs: FOCUS: F**k Our Customers Until Sued

EarhornJones: That’s nothing! I bought a 1GB SD Card at Best Buy last month, and not only did they try to pressure me into a warranty, but then they insisted that I should have the Geek Squad “install” it. Apparently they install devices that are manufactured as removable storage now. I wonder if they could install a DVD in my stereo.

Marcus: As a former Best Buy employee, let me throw this out there: customers suck, frequently.

Jonathan Harford: iPods work like portable hard drives without drivers. Expensive, portable, hard drives.

SpecialK: Only racists would see this as racist. That’s what I say. And if you don’t like it, you’re a dumb-ass racist. Racist.

RandomHookup: Let the state Attorney General know about this. They love “undisclosed” policies.

ModerateSnark: It’s unfortunate that during the cardiac arrest his heart burst into flames, burning him beyond recognition and blowing his teeth right out of his gums. Now people will always have doubts.

TedSez: What actually happens is that those cheap Russian Tetris blocks get chipped at the edges when they drop on top of each other. Eventually, they don’t fit together anymore, and that’s when you have to buy new ones. No, really!

until I see a body in a casket at a funeral, he aint dead. The guy manufactured a freggin ENERGY CRISIS in California…Faking a death to avoid prison seem easy in comparison

The_truth: So if you find yourself unwilling to learn new things, and unwilling to accept that things change, go drive through a bunch of stop signs, safe in the knowledge that at one time, they were not there, safe in the knowledge that what you fail to recognize, probably, wont hurt you.

Scott: last summer, I was watching a CNN story about skinheads. They put a skinhead website on-screen, and they blurred out all instances of the words “nigger” and “kike,” but showed every instance of the word “faggot.” And that’s the so-called liberal media. We can’t expect anything better from the NASCAR klan writing for this site.

Ok, on this gay thing, FWIW, Consumerist has dallied behind a velvet curtain or two in its time. Are we in the club? Or are we like the dentist on Seinfeld who became a Jew just for the jokes? There’s an oral paronomasia in there, somewhere.


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  1. Yozzie says:

    Define “dallied behind a velvet curtain or two.”

    I take less offence to people using the word ‘gay’ in a pejorative sense – hell, I do it myself, though I know I shouldn’t – than I do to people using the word ‘faggot’, which is an out-and-out slap in the face, usually responded to with a punch in the mouth.

    I personally think we should start a movement to get the word ‘straight’ to sub for anything plain, dumb, boring or old-hat. Since my brothers and sisters in the lavender mafia own the entertainment industry, bending popular culture to our will shouldn’t be too difficult (or ‘straight,’ if you will…)

  2. GenXCub says:

    Well, what is kind of interesting is that the advocate is showing how younger gays/lesbians/trannies (and being gay allows me to say “tranny” with complete abandon! :)), et al are preferring to encompass all of that into just “queer” since gay had the 2nd meaning of only applying to men.

    We call people who are more “gay” than us … gay. I read someone blog to another gay person “you’re gayer than Nathan Lane in a prom dress on the Strawberry Shortcake float.” I go back to the original argument posted in that comment chain from yesterday that the word only has as much power as you give it. I personally don’t take offense if it is used disparagingly against someone else, I take offense at someone BEING disparaging, not the word used.

  3. ModerateSnark says:

    As co-founder of the Capitalized Adjective Club of America (CACA), I notice our other co-founder, RandomHookup, just made the cut “before the jump,” and I just missed it. I hope he doesn’t use this as leverage against me in the inevitable power struggle to come.

  4. RandomHookup says:


    I think I made the above the fold mention only in a pity fuck kinda way. But watch your back anyway.

  5. Papercutninja says:

    I made Best Comments of the Week on two Gawker sites! And they were before the jump! YAY!!

  6. Again with ‘the gay’? Geesh.