Party Girl Gets Great Snort Sack from Beatnik Bags!

When we saw party girl Carrie at one of Gawker’s hot, sexy Manhattanite parties, we — attached in tandem, belly to flabby belly, by the rusty staples of the artificial and obnoxious royal ‘we’ — made our way over to her to make our move.

Unfortunately, silken sylph though she was, she wouldn’t deign to give us her number, even with a head full of blow. More fortunately, she did give us a tip about, a swell store that well understands treating your customers right, even when they’re too hopped up to remember doing them wrong.

Carrie’s hot, sexy confessional after the jump.

I’m a party girl, and am always on the look out for the perfect smallish bag with a long strap that is big enough for wallet, smokes, keys, phone, illicit substances, etc… but not too bulky. Something that I can wear to clubs, and dance comfortably with it slung across my chest without feeling over encumbered, or needing to set it down and risk having my valuables stolen.

I spotted a girl with the perfect bag, and she pointed me at the company that sells them, Beatnik Bags ( I happily zoomed over to their site, only to find that, while they did list the exact bag that I would love to purchase, they don’t appear to do retail direct sales. Instead, they listed out stores which carry their merchandise.

Luckily, they listed many stores in my area (San Francisco/Bay Area). Unluckily, one of their products is yoga bags, and it looked like a lot of the stores on their list were yoga-affiliated locations, which I feared might not carry the party bag I was hoping for.

Rather than visit or call all of the listed stores trying to track down one that sold my dream bag, I decided to email Beatnik Customer Service and ask them if they knew which of the stores would be most likely to stock the bag I was looking for.

Within a few hours, I had a response back. While they couldn’t tell me which stores might have my bag in stock, they said they would be happy to sell to me directly, and in fact are working on adding a shopping cart feature to their site so folks like me can order direct. I was provided with a number to call so that I could provide my credit card info over the phone. After a bit of phone tag, they finally had my credit card info and address, and 3 days later, my new bag arrived. I love it, and I love them! Cannot wait to go dancing with it.

So, major props to Beatnick Bags for going above and beyond to make my day (and of course, make a sale).

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