Vincent Ferrari Teaches Us How To Hope Again

Our good friend Vincent Ferrari — the shameless self-promoter who recorded the AOL Cancellation call, tipped us, then tipped everyone else on the Internet before we could even get Boing Boinged (but we totally adore him anyway) — sent us word that he’s done a few more cancellation calls, this time for credit cards, with far better results. And by better results, we mean worse from the perspective of pure entertainment. But good service is what matters, right?

Vinnie called Juniper Bank (the bastards who turned me down for an Apple Credit account) and Cross Country Bank and tried to cancel them both. Both cards offered high interest rates, low limits — sucker cards, in other words. On the suggestion of the Today show, Vinnie called them up and tried to cancel. It was painless and unentertaining.

So why did he have better luck canceling a credit card? Just a theory — because credit card companies aren’t hemorrhaging customers under a business model that could be described as ‘Web Oh Point Oh’. In conclusion, AOL sucks. Amen.

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