• Toshiba technical support commits hara kiri. [Paucity of Support]
• But was it a really, really big granola bar? [All Financial Matters]
• Two minutes to find the tickle-me-elmo, fifteen to check out. Sounds like a job for operations research management science. [Seattlest]
• Perhaps in the near-future the Mafia will provide “protection” and “fire-insurance” for your cellphone. In case something happens, you know what I’m saying? [Jason Lancaster]
• Don’t thank me. I SAID, don’t thank me. Do you pay my baby’s bills? DO YOU PAY my baby’s bills? Didn’t think so. Don’t make me cut you, AccessoryGenie! [YodaYid’s WackyWorld]


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  1. Jesse in Japan says:

    It’s hara kiri, with hara meaning “stomach/inards” and kiri being the infinitive “to cut.”

  2. Ben Popken says:

    YodaYid writes:

    “Ummm I think you missed the point ;-)

    It’s not that they thanked me – it’s that they put “Thank You for your Order” in the subject line to do it. Since I didn’t actually order anything, I thought that my account was compromised (which was their intention), and immediately opened the e-mail to see what happened (which was their intention). I’m sure most people would have had the same reaction – yes, they thanked me, but they got my attention in a sneaky way, which I don’t appreciate.”