Old Spice Smells Armpits To Find Sweatiest City

What American city inspires (then perspires!) the most armpits? What vast metropolis reeks the most like a giant Italian sub?

Old Spice, a deodorant named after the very stench it is attempting to cover, recently completed its annual Top 100 Sweatiest Summer City rankings. The top of the list Phoenix, Arizona, where the average resident oozes 0.9 liters of body fluid per hour on a typical summer day.

Las Vegas ranked Number Two, mostly due to sweat furrowing on the brow at strip clubs. Fellow Arizona city Tucson was No. 3. Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimsa was awarded a year’s supply of Old Spice in honor of his city’s achievements.

It was all ultra-scientific, of course: “The rankings were based on the average U.S. male/female height and weight, and the average high temperature and relative humidity levels during June, July and August. The sweat level was analyzed based on the assumption that the individual was walking for one hour.”

Sometimes, the world really does mourn for Chris Farley. That man could have carried any city to the championship, singlehandedly.

Orlando ranks 13th on Old Spice’s sweatiest cities list [Bizjournals.com]

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