Best Comments of The Week

ModerateSnark: You mean the Oompa Loompas may have taken a Poompa Doompa in the Chocolate River?

Madrid:I like the irony of the Americana-styled lighter near the bottom of the image. Nothing says, “I’m not a terrorist” like an American flag and a bald eagle.

something_amazing: Why does gawker HQ look like a crack den?

Morgan: I also know very little about golf; most of what I do know is gleaned from a friend who golfs. Apparently golfing involves much more alcohol than one might think.

trixare4kids: Look, I have a wickedly hot, very flirty UPS delivery guy and just in case he’s reading along, I wanted him to know that he can wear all the tight shorts he wants.

thwarted: It’s true–I got a couple of the videos for my husband as a gag gift for his birthday and we turned them off about ten minutes in. I never knew boobies could be so boring.

Michael: Bad writing and inane, nit-picking stories aside, I had grudging respect for this blog…

steinwaytony: Because there’s nothing better than the elusive comprehendible, unpretentious sentence on Consumerist.