The News is Full of Sweet, Sweet, Bitter Ironies

• Seems every car metaphor these days is about addiction, this time though, it’s the automaker’s. [NYT] “With Inventories Bulging, Detroit Rolls Out the Incentives”
• Head eats tail, only to find it contains jaws. [NYT] “Music Rivals Bid to Buy Each Other”
• Utility company zapped. [LAT] “Wider Scale of Faked Data Seen at Edison”
• BP’s cost of building a propane monopoly exceeded the profits earned. [NYT] “BP Named in Inquiry on Propane Pricing”
• Sometimes it’s best to let headlines speak for themselves. [LAT] “Hooters’ Benefit for L.A. Animal Services Is a Bust”


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  1. Ben says:

    Ten bucks says that she won’t be there.

  2. Dustbunny says:

    Did anybody notice the woman who protested against the Hooters thingie is named Laura Chick?? Heh.