Now On Sale: European Hymen Restoration for Muslim Brides

At what price chastity? Unable to use the traditional ‘A spring came loose in my bicycle seat’ excuse to explain away a broken hymen, an industry of plastic surgeons specializing in virginity restoration is growing in Europe, pandering largely to Muslim women about to get married.

There’s no real need to emphasize the barbaric, misogynistic stupidity of this, is there? I hate to break it to Islam, but believe it or not, women are human beings who largely enjoy sex as much as men, and by god certainly have a right to do with their bodies whatever they please. I suppose that includes getting their hymens stitched together, but you know what I’d rather see? More hard drinking, smoking, swearing and screwing girls in hajibs, and less superstitious misogynists oppressing them while counting their self-righteousness by the number of virgins they’ll get to screw in heaven.

Save the emails: I know there are moderate Muslims. Those aren’t the guys we’re talking about here.

On a lighter note, the linked article mentions that, outside of getting your hymen repaired, a woman can also invest in a virginity certificate. Doesn’t that sound like a great job? “Hello, Mr. Al-Masoud? John Brownlee here. I’ll be your daughter’s virginity inspector.”

Muslim women learn to fake virginity [Wilmington Star]


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  1. Paul D says:

    Just goes to show you, for every religion-based superstition or custom, there’s somebody willing to make a buck off it.

  2. ModerateSnark says:

    Let people value virginity if they want to.

    The problems here (as in virtually all areas of life) are double standards, self-righteousness, hypocracy, deception, and self-deception.

    Get rid of those, and you might have a working relationship, whether the most puritanical or the most super-slutty.

  3. kostia says:

    This is the most amazing line of the linked article: “Boubakeur, a doctor and a moderate Muslim, says the Quran does not address premarital virginity.”

    So this ridiculous, ignorant, women-phobic, fearmongering behavior is not even based on the scripture.


  4. mschlock says:

    A sizable number of women I know had absolutely no problems their first time, and no, they weren’t all members of the Horseback Riding and Bicycle-Grinding Club. I wonder what women in virginity-obsessed cultures even do when their nonexistent hymen doesn’t bleed.

    There’s always “scheduling your wedding for when you have your period.” Sounds like fun!

  5. Morgan says:

    Or the classic “shove a chicken liver up there so it will bleed, damnit.” At least I think it was a liver, but it may well have been some other bit of innards. Ahh, the middle and dark ages; what can’t we learn from you…

  6. Michael says:

    Of course American consumerism is a thousand times better than the nasty misogyny of a religion which dictates that its women (oh yeah, it’s men too) stay virgins before marriage. THE HORROR! Did you know they can’t drink, either? Absolutely disgusting vicious ANIMALS aren’t they? God bless America.

  7. I have some saudi arabian friends who have talked about this being quite common in the middle east.
    The drinking rule is not as enforced however, they enjoy wine with their families quite frequently.