Mo’ Moen In Customer Service, Please

Anyone ever noticed that the companies that offer the best customer service are always the ones that almost no one will ever have to call because they’re just too damn good? For example, Moen — a company that makes chrome kitchen faucets and other long-lasting plumbing fixtures.

Carl’s Moen faucet was not regurgitating water with the same deluge and aplomb he had come to expect over the past 22 years, so he bought a $19 replacement cartridge, and just couldn’t get the damn thing to click into place.

    I saw that the Moen package contained a toll-free customer help line, and I called, wondering what kind of service I would get on a Saturday. The automated system took my phone number and name, and said a technician would call me in about 38 minutes. I really didn’t expect much, but I hung up and did other chores while I waited.

    Lo and behold, in about 30 minutes, I received a callback from a real person. I’m afraid I was so shocked that I didn’t think to record this helpful fellow’s name. I talked him through what I had done and the problem I was having. After asking me a few questions about my faucet model, he described the technique needed to replace the lever. He said not to worry, I had done everything right, and that he even gets calls from professional plumbers who experience the same problem. He told me to just keep trying the technique he described, and that eventually I’d “feel” it go on correctly.

    I reluctantly hung up, and after about a half-dozen attempts, I indeed did “feel” the part slip into its proper place. Mission accomplished. We need more companies like this. I’ll certainly consider Moen first when I need plumbing supplies.

A competent CSR who fulfills a promise, works Saturdays and has genuine expertise? It’s like we rolled out of bed this morning through a wormhole into Fairyland. Moen should outsource their call center to AOL, Comcast and the like.


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  1. Rock-Ola 443 says:

    My favourite (and, I believe, only) Moen customer service experience:
    Like Carl, I needed a replacement cartridge. I went to Home Depot with the old cartridge in my hand but could not find anything on the shelves that looked like the same thing. A friendly Orange Apron took a look at the part, then pulled a replacement from some secret apron pocket and handed it to me. “We don’t sell these,” he said, “so we don’t keep them on the shelves.” I thanked him, not really bothering to interpret his rather cryptic comment, and headed for the checkout.
    When I got there, the cashier looked at the cartridge but did not ring it up. “Oh,” he said, “that’s a replacement part.” “Yep,” I replied, reaching for my wallet. “I’m replacing the cartridge in my shower.” “Right,” replied the cashier, still not making any attempt to enter my purchase in the register, “all Moen parts are replacement parts.” I nodded.
    And then we stood there, me with my wallet in one hand and the cartridge in the other, he doing nothing but wondering what I was still doing in his line, for a good ten seconds. Finally he figured out what was going on. He laughed and said “Sir, that’s a replacement part. The company will replace it for you, for life. Please put your wallet away and go get in your car. So I did.

  2. kerry says:

    This sounds a great deal like the kind of service I’ve gotten from the biotech companies that make our lab instrumentation. I had a cell counter that wouldn’t boot right, called their tech support, left my number, and 15 minutes or so later got a call from a tech who knew exactly what my problem was and talked me through fixing it. Wish everybody did that.

  3. rudyru52 says:

    This was not my experience at all! I bought one of the very expensive faucet sets that has the spigot ‘wand’ that you can leave in like a standard faucet or pull out as a sprayer. The water pressure got lower and lower over the year that I had the product. We cleaned the filter and eventually replaced it. No change. I called Moen and they had no suggestions that worked, after over 30 minutes waiting on the line. I replaced it with an old-fashioned Peerless that works great and has not only restored water pressure, but it’s better than it ever was when the Moen was in.
    Then I asked Moen if they wanted me to send the spigot back to them so they could see what went wrong, and the readily agreed. When I asked them to send me a pre-paid label, they said that they didn’t do that. Huh? Threw it in the junk and will NEVER by anything Moen again, ever.

  4. swerz says:

    I’ve had 2 excellent experiences with Moen customer service. We bought a Moen faucet when we renovated our kitchen 7 years ago. After a couple of years it started to leak and I called their 800 number. They asked a few questions, identified the problem and sent a replacement part for free. Recently the faucet started to leak again, so I called and the extremely friendly and helpful cust. service rep. again offered to send replacement parts. She also offered another choice: a brand-new, redesigned model similar to the one we had for $50 (current retail is around $225). Even offered free expedited shipping. We took the offer for the new faucet, received it 2 days later. I could not be more pleased with Moen products and their dedication to providing excellent customer service.