The News Sexually Assualts the Senses

• New! Baby-no-Tears Nicorette patch! [LAT] “J & J to Buy Pfizer Consumer Health Unit”
• Sleepy Comcast tech makes it to the NYT biz section. What’s next for people who post documentation of bad customer service? White House dinner invites? [NYT] “Your Call Is Important to Us. Please Stay Awake.”]
• But, it looks like the NYT cribbed their Comcast article from this AP news story, itself cribbed from The Philadelphia Inquirer. That’s some heavy lifting there, guys.
• Further proof of how a healthy hatred between advertising and editorial staff is good for business. [NYT] “Marketers Say They Pay for Play in News Media”
• Myspace just needs to stop raping children. [NYT] “A Lesson for Parents on ‘MySpace Madness”
• Minions of Cinderfella? [New Orleans City Business] “Transvestite crime gangs pester Magazine Street owners”


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Brian writes:

    “Re: Minions of Cinderfella

    Pictures! We want pictures!”

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..My God. I was going to do Magazine Steet last month when I was in New Orleans, and opted for an afternoon nap instead. It may be all gay-tarded of me, but I’d never live down getting robbed by a gang of transvestites!