The Mail Bag is Laced with Anthrax

Sometimes really smart and witty people email us. Sometimes people who would be better off organizing their sticker collection do. This is one of the latter. Reading it reminds us of the season finale of Twin Peaks where they go behind the red curtain and they’re in the black and white checkered room and that guy is holding an oozing cappuccino cup and going coffeeee, coffeeeeeeeeeee…

I had some liquid I saved and wanted to measure in a coffee cup from one of the major chains, and it seemed too close to the top when I measured it. Turns out the “24 ounce” cups hold about 22 ounces when filled to the brim. I haven’t checked the other sizes, but I have a few from different coffee shops and gas stations, and they are all about the same size. This must have been covered somewhere, but I was wondering if any store has accurately sized cups, or if your readers could find out how far it goes (coffee or also pop and tea? How much do the “16 ounce” cups hold? etc.).

We have no idea what you’re talking about. “One of the major chains” might cut it in a press release announcing yet another data center breach, but here, you name names. And instead of a Slurpee machine, look for accurate measuring devices in the cooking aisle. Pyrex. That’s a good brand.