Reduce….Recycle, Wasn’t There Another R?

Being an environmentally conscious good Samaritan, Erika Anders recycled her cell phone after she was done with it at a local Best Buy. The next month, she received a bill for $20,590.67. Many of the calls originated from Brazil.

Thing was, she recycled the phone on Jan. 8th. She didn’t call to officially cancel her plan until March 28th.

At first, Best Buy and Cingular were unresponsive. Anders got hold of Lawrence Walsh, consumer activist reporter and all-around pimp-daddy. He followed up with Best Buy, the BBB and Cingular, who said they would waive the bill.

So, before you save the environment, make sure it won’t kill you first.

“Recycle cell phones only after calling plan ends” [Post-Gazette]

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