• Something’s fruity about Tropicana Grapefruit Juice, and we don’t mean like in a eye for interior design kind of way, more in the manner of “they changed the ingredients to crap and didn’t tell anyone.” [Eric Gooch]
• Where’s our free Nokia, huh? We’re good enough for Sprint but not you? Anyway, looks like the word of mouth marketing agency’s email tracking program broke down and ended up spamming this blogger. [Darren Barefoot]
• “Does Your Blue Shirt Come with a Replacement Plan?” It’s fine to push the warranty, Best Buy, but don’t insult our intelligence over a $49 fan. [East Village Idiot]
• Didn’t like the ads before the Chappelle’s Shows he bought from iTunes, so he complained very very very diligently and became, perhaps the only person in the world who ever got an iTunes refund. And no, he didn’t support his claim by yelling, “I’m Rick James, bitch!” over and over again. [thewebguy]