StubHub? StubHorror.

Even in the wonderful world of internet scalpers, StubHub manages to take a truly horrific chunk of flesh with you when they fleece you.

A pulsating splotch of oozing brain clearly exposed, Steve D. wrote us, pointing us to an e-Pinion he wrote about these guys. After purchasing a couple seats for a ball game, Steve was informed that he was not guaranteed to get the tickets, but that almost never happened.

But happen it did. In the intestines of a looping telephone conversation, then attempted to set Steve right by offering him more expensive replacement seats or far worse seats for the exact same price. Understandably, Steve was not particularly satisfied with this arrangement.

We assume StubHub subscribes to the same life philosophy: never give a sucker an even break!

Steer Clear of StubHub [ePinions]

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