StubHub? StubHorror.

Even in the wonderful world of internet scalpers, StubHub manages to take a truly horrific chunk of flesh with you when they fleece you.

A pulsating splotch of oozing brain clearly exposed, Steve D. wrote us, pointing us to an e-Pinion he wrote about these guys. After purchasing a couple seats for a ball game, Steve was informed that he was not guaranteed to get the tickets, but that almost never happened.

But happen it did. In the intestines of a looping telephone conversation, then attempted to set Steve right by offering him more expensive replacement seats or far worse seats for the exact same price. Understandably, Steve was not particularly satisfied with this arrangement.

We assume StubHub subscribes to the same life philosophy: never give a sucker an even break!

Steer Clear of StubHub [ePinions]


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  1. Boston Kevin says:

    To their credit, I have bought/sold four or five pairs of tickets on StubHub without ever having a problem. I’d much rather buy tickets on StubHub than eBay or Craig’s List.

  2. Lars says:

    Oh my. I just bought some Red Sox tickets from them last night. Fearing the dreaded scalper sells bum tickets outside the park problem, I went with this option. Not only is it possibly going to piss rain all over the game tonight, now I’m worrying about this too. If only I had read this yesterday…….

  3. Best “scalped” ticket resource I’ve ever found was craigslist. It seems like more people there are genuinely trying to get rid of tix they can’t use as opposed to fleecing people for events at the last minute.

    Usually I suck it up and go with the hellacious fees of Ticketmaster and the like.

  4. MrBartokomous says:

    I used StubHub once to get floor seats for the Stones a few months ago… worked just fine. That said, Craigslist is probably the better route, the only problem is they don’t seem to have anywhere near as much selection and their prices are usually higher.

  5. Lars says:

    Updating my stubhub experience: So the rain didn’t cancel the game. Stubhub also had an office a stones throw from Fenway, which was nice. I got there and my tickets were ready and the person at the front desk was quite friendly. She showed me the weather forecast on the computer and said they had heard the game would star with about a 30 minute rain delay. Well she was right on both counts. There were scalpers galore trying to sell tickets on the street, but I got the seats where I wanted them and they were guaranteed. They cost an arm and a leg, but a Sox ticket in Boston these days is worth roughly that amount. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but with a cousin in from Ireland I felt compelled to go with their guarantee. As for craigslist, that can be complicated, and definitely was not cheeper for the Red Sox. A lot of people were trying to cash in on Craigslist with standing room only tickets for more than my grandstand seats.

  6. WorthingtonCabacha says:

    Stubhub debits your credit card immediately, then emails you that your tickets won’t arrive until days before your event, which can be months away. I wouldn’t have purchased tickets from them if I had known the seller didn’t even have them yet! Very disappointed in their customer service!!!