Homestar Runner Cartoon Skewers Tech Support

Strolling on over to Boing Boing this morning, we can’t help but notice a strange story alignment between our front page and theirs. We guess our crack team of reader tipsters are letting us have sloppy seconds after Boing Boing has their fill. Thanks, guys.

But here’s something we actually are stealing from Boing Boing: a new Strongbad email in which Strong Bad calls up tech support. Like most Homestar Runner cartoons, the joke to plodding runtime ratio is about 1:20. However, Homestar Runner’s gleeful ineptitude isn’t really much of a parody of what we deal with everytime we call tech support. “Hello! Welcome to the internet! Can I have your email or identity theft, please?”

Tech Support Strong Bad Email [Homestar Runner]

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