Comcast Tech Falls Asleep on Customer’s Couch

Brian had a Comcast tech come to his house to replace a router, one of two broken ones they provided. The operation shouldn’t have taken but a moment. Instead the tech was on hold with Comcast for 90 minutes. And he fell asleep. Brian made a video documenting the affair.

A troll by the name of Lance gurgled on Brian’s blog, “not a Comcast tech /// Comcast corporate policy says no shorts.”

Because of course, besides this, Comcast is the queen’s tits when it comes to customer service. If the guy’s gonna fall asleep on the couch, we doubt strict adherence to dress codes is his first concern.

Snakes on a Comcast Internet Connection” [Snakes on a Blog]


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    Most comcast technicians don’t work for comcast. They’re independant contractors.

  2. something_amazing says:

    I was going to make the same point. Good call DJQ

  3. Elvisisdead says:

    Maybe the guy needs to worry about replacing that A/C unit before his broadband.

  4. cindeesue says:

    Sweet.. Adelphia is being bought out by Comcast in Colorado Springs. My bank was told to mail payments to a new address (E-payments), which they did on 9/29, paid 45.00 more than I owed mind ya! On 10/9/06 my cable was shut off!!! Sweet huh? I called adlephia/comcast. I was on hold 90 minutes! The jerk supervisor who I finally talked to told me too bad. I called my bank and they told me they sent the payment to where they were instructed. Well, here it is, now 5 days later, and my cable was just turned back on!! First, Adelphia denied making the change, then they said they lost my check!! Then, it took them 3 days to post my Epayment again!! Comcast sucks.. I hate em all…