Inflammatory Macbooks

Sometimes Apples have worms in them. is a new blog dedicated to dissecting these worms. A recent one takes the cake. When the blog’s author complained about his Macbook running at 203 degrees fahrenheit, Apple told him, “the Macbook is a notebook, not a laptop, refer to your manual.” Which means that according to official documentation,

you’re not supposed to rest it on your knees unless you want to flambe your loin juices.

However, as Appledefects notes, there’s a disconnect between that disclaimer statement and Apple’s advertising. Here’s a pic from the Apple Education Student Orientation site. Note the Mac on the guy’s lap.


To be fair, the use of orange denotes that everyone is on fire.

Or does it? We remember seeing the kid sitting on bench with his pals and computer before the Macbook was released. Which means he’s got a nice, cool, iBook on his crotch. Also, that 203 degrees? That’s the temperature inside, not out. Sorry, dorm residents, you don’t get an added Ramen-noodle heating device with your purchase. Although you still may suffer from crisipity stains. But given your fear of bathing and joy in self-pleasuring, that was bound to happen anyway.

Apple Hypocrisy” [AppleDefects]

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