HOWTO: Get Your Phone Fixed Quick

If your phone is out of service or you need a line installed, the wait can be interminable. Not to mention the difficulty of calling the telephone company without a phone. What if there was an emergency?

Well, what if? You would certainly need a phone right away. And that’s why faking an impending medical crisis is your fast track to social-engineering your phone fix success.

Writes our new friend Phil,

    “If you are told by the phone company the first available appointment is two or three days away tell the person giving you the appointment it is a medical emergency and you need service immediately. Medical emergencies can be anything that might require a call to a Dr. at any time, i.e. impending birth – person in house on an IV – respirator – medication etc. – you get the idea. Phone companies fear a possible lawsuit if this is the truth and something actually does happen to the customer because the phone was not fixed after they were advised this was a medical emergency. Employees are usually advised to give a same day appointment on these without question. This will almost always get you a same day appointment. Of course this will not work for things like static or a DSL line.”

Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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