Pith & Vinegar; Irony Available in 26 New Colors

• Hope they boned up on their nighttime maneuvers. [WOAI]
• Stay inside this summer and get free books from Barnes & Noble, just for reading. It’s a dark spiral of increasing literacy. [NoOnesHome]
• When the president of the cruise ship company comes forward to apologize, does he have a funny little admiral’s hat and epaulets? [CruiseCritic]
• Usually its the airlines that stink too much to fly, not the passengers. [Ananova]
• Digg users rush to fill AOL’s Digg ripoff with stories about AOL’s Digg ripoff, inadvertently swelling the member list AOL can tout to advertisers in the process. [Valleywag]


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: AOL email does work well, and doesn’t execute HTML out of hand. It’s damned near instantaneous, whereas Bellsouth has been known to take up to three days to deliver email.

    …..One of the nice things about AOL is that you can call their 24-7 tech support numbers to cancel, and they’ll drop your price to $9.95 a month for six months. Just make sure and call them back every six months, and you’ve got stellar email service with no Outlook BS!