Pith & Vinegar: On Coin Slots

• Kelly Ann Collin’s henchman returns to Au Bon Pain with free coupons in hand. Will Washington socialtisim survive? [Ask KAC]
• American Idol is censoring the Coppertone girl’s coin slot with more underwear? No link, just a worried tipster who says, “Seriously America, if you can’t handle a bare bottom CARTOON icon with no sexual inference/innuendo then go to church and punch yourself in the face.”
• Handy site for people over 40 with glasses, though if you need it, you probably can’t read this. [VisionOver40]
• David doesn’t want any Vikings in his wallet. [WetBaloney]
• The official Consumerist t-shirt? [BitterFilms]
• Duct Tape is for the birds, we’re gettin’ some of this.

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