Ford: You’re Fired! But Congratulations For Thirty Years Service!

After thirty years with a company, it’s always nice to have your shafting quickly followed by a twist of the corkscrew rigidly standing from your behind.

When Ford downsized last January, Michael Stawasz, an employee of over thirty years, was one of the guys canned. Stawasz argues that he was fired precisely because he was an employee of nearly three decades… mere months away from being able to cash in on the sizable full benefits and pension of a long term Ford employee.

Then he received the above plaque by mail, in which the president of Ford heartily congratulated him for thirty years of service. The package also contained numerous plastic rings, allowing Stawasz to size himself for the massive loop of Ford-emblemed bling that is the reward for all workers who spend most of their lives toiling in dedication to the company.

Of course, he was still fired. It was all just one further ‘fuck you’ from Ford for a job well done!

Is Ford’s parting gift to ex-workers ‘cruel joke’? [Detroit News]

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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    He’s an employee of over 29 years (not over thirty). He was actually fired 9 months before his 30th anniversary, then received the plaque anyway. Note that it is postdated January 2007.

    So you have to work 30 years to get full retiree benefits… I read the article to find out how bad the partial benefits are. Can’t be that bad, right?

    It’s bad: In addition to getting reduced benefits, he has to wait over a decade before they kick in. 30-year retirees begin getting benefits immediately.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..A lot of execs are taking expensive advice from consultants theses days, and employee appreciation programs are one of the results. So what the execs do is hire an outside firm to handle it, write it off their taxes, and fax the Reward Company over the employee/years of service list. (Which hopefully doesn’t get taken home on a company laptop…)

    …..I’m betting that when Ford axed all those folks, the updated employee list didn’t make it to the reward company.

    …..I recently got a 20-year reward from my employer, handled of course, by an outside company. For my gift, I selected a Braun mixing set. See, I’ve managed to destroy a blender every two years of my adult life. Cuervo and lime juice eat/melt plastic. I had noticed that the expensive Braun blenders at Macy’s had a glass carafe, and I was hoping for a unit that might survive many more years of margarita madness. Alas, when my reward blender arrived, it was Hamilton Beach. And it has a plastic carafe.