Now Font Size Is A Business Model!

We got this email from Brad Haugaard of

I’m the project manager for, a search engine project of, and I thought you might be interested in what we are doing.

My guess is that most search engines are designed by 20-year-olds for 20-year-olds, but there are a lot of people – and they are growing as a percentage of the U.S. population – who are older than 20 and who may not see as clearly as they did when they were younger.

We believe addresses that problem. is an extremely simple, quick, large-font search engine for people with low vision. It is easily adjustable to three sizes: Big, Bigger and Biggest.

Brad, it sounds like a great idea for a company. It’s an issue, if not after our own withered hearts, then at least before our bulbously myopic octogenarian eyes. You’re totally right ,of course: the Internet was designed for 20 year olds, not the astigmatismed 90 year olds who made this country great.

But hey! Try this. Go to, hold down the Control key (or the command key on a Mac) and then roll your mouse wheel down. You can switch through three sizes easily that way: Big, Bigger and Biggest! Plus a hundred font sizes in between. And we figured that out without creating a multi-million dollar Internet company! Plus, our method has the benefit of making the text stay big after you leave the search page. Unfortunately, the Internet breasts you geezers ogle will stay the same size.

Maybe you should patent this method: as sole creators of the CTRL + mouse wheel combo, we give you full permission to make’s fortunes riding on our laurels.

(Edit: It’s control on Windows. We were using a Mac at the time!)

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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..On Firefox, it’s cntrl + or cntrl -. Control 0 puts text size back to normal. Or do like this old geezer did and buy a 19 inch monitor. Internet breasts are bigger, too!

  2. Mary Marsala With Fries says:

    That is about the silliest idea ever. And on my PCs, anyway, it’s CTRL ++ and CTRL + – (Control-PlusSign and Control-MinusSign) to shift through font-sizes.

    I wonder if they’ll try to patent that? *augh*

  3. ScamBuster says:

    You have to realize that Brad Haugaard is a modern day scam artist. He claims to be a man of God, devoted to spreading the Gospel, an author, a former California reporter, now a project manager of and who knows what else? He job title changes depending upon what he is trying to convince you he is an expert on and what he will ultimately trying to sell, or better yet swindle, from you.

    Have you looked at It is nothing more than a bigger version of their search bar which are both created by Perfect Market Technologies. The search bars are not the actual products. That’s why they are free. They need you to download them. The product is your information they are harvesting. The “targeted results” they promise searchers comes from the fact that they are selling the advertising that provides many of the results that will be found. From’s own site… “Snap’s CPA system only charges advertisers when the user actually follows through and purchases an item, fills out a form, makes a donation, or whatever criterion the advertiser establishes for the campaign. Snap’s various features are also designed to appeal to the Internet’s most frequent searchers, providing a highly focused environment in which to stage advertising campaigns.’

    Read either or’s privacy policy. No need for both as they are exactly the same. It is hilarious1 If anyone actually reads it in its entirety and still downloads anything from them they deserve to have their computer blow up from all the ad aware, spy ware, malware and god knows what else will be installed. If you have time read over it though just for fun. There is one area where they claim that their search bar works so fast that other things get lost in the background and may get stuck there permanently! LOL!!!

    This is just one con Brad Haugaard is involved in. If he spent half as much time actually doing something, providing a legitimate service or goods surely he could have a “real” job title and maybe be an honest success. But then again an honest day’s work just isn’t meant for everyone. But then he can always fall back on his long “career” of serving God. I would pay good money to be in the audience for this loser’s eventual judgment day!!