Sicko Pimpfants

Ever wish your baby had more bling? Jared Parsons, “a former skateboarder…was shopping for clothes for his first son, who’s now 5 and quite a fashion plate. “I wanted him to dress how me and my friends dress,” Parsons said, “but it’s hard to find baby clothes like that,” reports the Boston Herald.

And thus, he birthed Pimpfants, the banal apparel version of Rosemary’s Welfare Check Baby.

Most of the threads are just boring crap… basketball outfits that say “Jr. Pimp Squad” and junior-sized velour track suits with BLING across the chest, but the line is really crossed on the “Lil’ Beaters” (as in, wife-beater hirt) that read “My Mommy’s a M.I.L.F.”

That’s perverse. Not to mention, redundant.

Yes, we know this site hit the interweb last month, but we didn’t get outraged until today. We’re saturnine like that.

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(Thanks to Sebastien!)

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