Illiteracy at Barnes & Noble Deflates Coupon

Shouldn’t the base minimum requirement for a Barnes & Noble clerk be the ability to read?

Apparently not, as John Roth over at Get Rich Slowly discovered. Upon being rewarded with a 10% off coupon, John tried to cash it in, only to find that the clerk had been instructed to apply the coupon only to the cheapest book, not the transaction as a whole. But the clerk was mystified when he quoted the coupon, which clearly read 10% on books transactions.

A manager was eventually summoned to iron the whole thing out, so all’s well that ends well. But John wonders about all the less mathematically gifted customers that day who presented coupons and were summarily ripped-off by the illiteracy of Barnes & Noble’s own employees.

Just goes to show that it isn’t just gummy grandmas who raise stinks at check-outs when their coupons don’t add up.

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