HOWTO: Win on A Claw Machine

I’m actually really good at those claw machines you find in movie theater lobbies and arcades. A life of twitch reflexes and joystick clutching has made me extremely beloved by small children: I’ll just walk into an arcade with a pocketful of jangling quarters when I’m depressed, start playing the claw machine, and give out the toys to the bratty kids who greedily surround me.

It’s definitely an ego boost: it makes you feel like that benevolent grandparents whom all children love. So we’re pleased to discover via Boing Boing a guide to help you master the claw machine. You don’t really want those polyester Yogi Bear dolls in a claw machine, but you can bet some kid will be happy with one. Just go on over to eBay guides and discover how to be a claw master.

Comment Here. Ugh.

How To Win Something In A Claw Machine [eBay Guides]

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