HOWTO: Comment on The Consumerist

New world order. Comments are messed up. There will be a new link in posts from yesterday going forward. It sits at the bottom left of the post. Click on it to make a comment. If you’re not logged in, you need to login, then go back and click the new comment link again. Sorry for the inconvenience, this should only be temporary.

Here’s how to make comments on old posts without the new comments link:

For instance, with Morning Deals roundup, right click on the post’s name and get this url:

We then “View Source” (View->Page Source or CTRL-U in Firefox). CTRL-F and search for the Morning Deals headline. Above this is the div id which looks like this:

[ div id=”morning-deals-round-up-179549″ ]

Add everything in quotes to the URL from before and get this

Type .php at the end and blammo!

You’re in comment land!

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