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• Watch those covetous little fingers, consumer borrowing rose 5.9% in April, the highest in 10 months. [NYT]
• It’s your store no more, Albertsons to close 100 supermarkets. [LAT]
• Judge to review classified papers to determine whether national security privileges apply in NSA spying case. Legal forecast for next week: judge found guilty of abetting terrorism for reading classified documents. [LAT]
• Death of al-Qaida’s Iraqi leader prompts oil price dip. Motorists ask if they can help. [LAT]
• Wendy’s switches to healthier oil. Dave Thomas squishes in his greasy grave. [CT]
• Airlines fill up on freight to try to make a buck. Cargo crates complain of cramped quarters, having to buy own forklifts. [CT]


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  1. Transuranic says:

    “He thought he’d have a beer / he thought he was alone / He thought an Albertson’s stir-fry-chicken would make his apartment a home” – Built to Spill, “bottled up.”

    Albertson’s is a cold, lonely, low-priced grocery store and the one in North Seattle on 105th and Greenwood smells like it has old lettuce leaves ground into the caulk between the floor tiles. You know that type of grocery store. Sad place.

    Ahh, the internet, where boring recollections of eight years ago can finally find their place. If I had a myspace profile, you’d have to click there to read it. Thanks, Consumerist!