The News

• Watch those covetous little fingers, consumer borrowing rose 5.9% in April, the highest in 10 months. [NYT]
• It’s your store no more, Albertsons to close 100 supermarkets. [LAT]
• Judge to review classified papers to determine whether national security privileges apply in NSA spying case. Legal forecast for next week: judge found guilty of abetting terrorism for reading classified documents. [LAT]
• Death of al-Qaida’s Iraqi leader prompts oil price dip. Motorists ask if they can help. [LAT]
• Wendy’s switches to healthier oil. Dave Thomas squishes in his greasy grave. [CT]
• Airlines fill up on freight to try to make a buck. Cargo crates complain of cramped quarters, having to buy own forklifts. [CT]

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