Million Dollar Homepage Kid Tells DDos Blackmailers “Go Screw”

“Hello u website is under attack. if y pay we do not ddos u site even again! and u hava a nice life :)” Mephistophelean words indeed!

Actually, not really. Intimidating types prone to calculated malevolence — people like Ernst Blomfeld, Aleister Crowley and Hilary Clinton — tend to speak impeccable English. On the other hand, it turns out that it’s pretty hard to take someone who says “LoLZoRZ” while threatening you seriously. You pretty much have to tell them to just go fuck themselves.

Which brings us to the point: upon receiving the above message from a group of illiterate teenage hackers called The Dark Group, the Million Dollar Homepage kid simply gave them the double deuce. Although even a brief outage opened him up to lawsuits (his business model being based upon perpetual advertisement), he quickly struck a deal with an Internet security company to supply protection. They keep him safe from DDoS attacks, they get a free banner on his homepage.

Kids this smart and savvy just sicken me. Of course, now he’s thwarted the hackers… and those guys hold long grudges. Let’s hope they don’t take it up a notch. Alex Tew deserves his success.

Million Dollar Homepage Kid Thwarts Blackmailers [Wired]