Office Depot Gives Man Runaround, Literally

Pure, unadulterated, Office Depot customer service failure:

    I’ve got a gem for you. It’s so bad it’s almost like a comedy routine, except instead of laughing, well- you can probably guess. I was polite and gave Office Depot the benefit of the doubt up until an hour ago, when neither Sales Manager or item turned up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the CEO’s e-mail and do the same thing that Vonage customer did, but poor customer service does deserve some recognition, don’t you agree?

Yes, it does, let’s hear all about being bounced between three Office Depots, being lied to, and hung up on, after the jump… Jeez, how hard is it to honor your company’s big fat stinking Sunday insert?

Here’s the letter David wrote Office Depot:

    “To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing concerning a recent experience I had with several of your stores. If Office Depot has an unwritten policy encouraging grassroots publicity on their behalf, I can assure you that I will share my experience with all of my friends, family, and coworkers, among others.

    I saw your Office Depot Sunday insert for a LG external DVD burner (item 157-414). I went to the San Francisco store on 3rd and they said they were out, but that the store on Geary had two. I started walking there and called them; they said they too were out but that the store in Emeryville had two. So I called the store in Emeryville and the employee claimed to have 2 in inventory, 1 for sure, but that they don’t hold items. I rushed there after work and not only did they not have it, but according to Sales Manager Jacob Menjivar, they were both sold in the morning, and they do in fact hold items for customers, particularly for cases like mine. He apologized and said they would get a new shipment on Wednesday and to call him after 11 AM, which I did, in addition to checking the other stores. Not only was he not there, but a shipment was not received either. I called again today; again there was no shipment, and was hung up on after I asked to speak with Mr. Menjivar.

    I would understand if the item was simply sold out and discontinued from your product lines. However, the misdirection, indifference, and sheer incompetence of your employees is unbelievable. Again, I can assure you that I will share my experience with all of my friends, family, and coworkers, among others. No one should have to go through an experience like this.

    David S”

Second letter from Dave:

Hi Consumerist,

Looks like going up the chain of command works. CC’ing PR and community relations didn’t hurt, either.

—-Original Message Follows—-
From: “Tina-Sims-Brehaut-ODS02299”
Subject: Re; Office Depot Experience
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 19:36:17 -0400

Good Afternoon Mr. S

My name is Tina Sims-Brehaut and I am the Store Manager here at the Emeryville Office Depot. I do apologize for the lack of service given to you by my team. This is unacceptable by my standards and will not be tolerated.
I have the name’s) of the associates that you were working with and will personally have a conversation as to why you were not getting the service that we often speak upon. I understand the importance giving each customer undivided attention as well as accurate information.

If by chance you decide to give me and my team another opportunity to service you, please fell free to ask for me while in our Store or by phone. I would like to meet and or talk to you.

And if I could give you something comparable to the item that you were looking for, for the same price I will do so. Thank you for your time.


Tina Sims-Brehaut
510-547-9660 Phone
510-547-9665 Fax”

We advise David to get in touch with Tina and hope that she will offer both a discount and an apology. Good consumering, David!


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