Gateway Requires Mailing Address For Free Music Downloads?

Over at This Is Broken, we saw this screenshot illustrating how Gateway tries to sucker your mailing address out of you for the price of 500 free music downloads.

Why would Gateway need your mailing address for a download service? Why, to sell it to junk mailers for a penny, of course! A reminder that free stuff always gets subsidized at your expense.

Promotions Gateway Web Ad [This is Broken]


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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    It’s worth noting that this appears to be from some outfit called “Promotions Gateway” and not “Gateway” the computer company.

    Also, it is probably a complete scam, because it shows both Napster, Yahoo music, and iTunes logos, and I doubt these mostly incompatible services would be cooperating on an offer like this.

  2. LLH says:

    and if you did decide the scam was worth it, wouldn’t you just put a fake address? and name for that matter…

  3. Ico Jones says:

    It’s a gift card so it doesnt really require the active participation of any of those services.

  4. ModerateSnark says:

    The current offer is a $250 Visa gift card.
    The previous offer was the 500 downloads.
    If that was also a gift card offer, was it a single card acceptable at both iTunes and Napster?
    I doubt it.

    Maybe you were given a choice of gift cards…

    So they justify requiring your mailing address by mailing you the gift card…

    But the gift card is really just a code that they could email you.

    At best it’s spammy-scammy, like the free iPod offers.


    (a) To claim your reward you must perform all of the following: (i) provide and submit Your correct name, email address and current mailing address; and (ii) sign-up and, where applicable, get approved for, activate and/or any other conditions that may be stated in the offer and as determined by PG in its reasonable discretion, for at least offers.

    (iv) Complete and submit the Reward Key Form (you will receive the Reward Key Form from our Customer Service Dept via e-mail when you have qualified for your reward) within 90 days after satisfying the requirements of the Silver, Gold and Platinum offers;

    (b) PG reserves the right to substitute any reward with another reward having similar functionality and/or value or with its cash equivalent as determined by PG in its reasonable discretion

    Note that I didn’t edit out (a)(iii). It doesn’t appear. But I think (a)(iii) is definitely “We will sell the information you provide to anyone willing to pay us.

    And, once again, it is Promotions Gateway, a.k.a. Rewards Gateway, alm….

  5. ModerateSnark says:

    Did I get cut off? It looked like it. I was saying:

    …almost certainly not affiliated with Cow-box Gateway.