Mother’s Day Dining Gone Awry

Some restaurants are real mother fuc****.

According to this letter sent to the SF Gate Food critic, one family got their reservation jacked at a fine seafood restaurant and was then treated less than stellar by the management. Not that they took this sitting down.

    “The front of the house manager arrived in less than a minute. He said that another party, pointing to a nearby booth, had taken the reservation. Apparently when this other party of four arrived a few minutes earlier, one women leaned over the podium, found a listing for a party of four, and declared herself that party.

    “OK,” I said, “Stuff happens in life. We’ll just take the next available table if that’s all right.”

    “Not quite all right” he answered, “You need to wait until a vacancy occurs in the reservation list. As it is Mother’s Day, and we have only so many tables available, it may be an hour or so.”

The letter goes on to describe the various tactics and regulations that ensued, including lies, c-notes and water being poured over people’s heads. It all seems a bit like a preposterous fantasy but perhaps that’s the state of customer service these days!

Take Your Table and Shove It!” [Between Meals] (Thanks to Matt!)

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