UPDATE: Upmarket Fur-Lined Hoodies

We’ve just received the pricing on these silk and rabbit fur lined reversible hoodies. The information comes courtesy of a stock email response from the CURLS staff. Its prose, like its clothing, is to die for. Its price, however, may not be, unless you consider staying in the Hudson Hotel, a ‘bargain.’

    “The non fur hoodies cost 300. The fur hoodies are 800. The sequin hoodies are also 800.”

But at least that 3 or 8 large will get you an added measure of security/secrecy/coke stash cache.

    “There are also hidden pockets.”

Full reprint in all its unctuous luxury steaming from every hot pore in the cold of a dusky forest, after the jump…

Hello Ben,

Thank you for your interest in CURLS. The hoodies are beautifully crafted with the highest quality thread work. The silk and rabbit fur lined reversible products include a multifaceted zipper that can transform the hood into a collar. The piece is further embellished with gold jewelry hardware designed by Evan Yurman. There are also hidden pockets. The non fur hoodies cost 300. The fur hoodies are 800. The sequin hoodies are also 800.

These hoodies are custom made in the sense that they are only made upon order request. An appointment is no longer necessary to place an order.

Please note that due the the high volume of orders as a result of the recent website and magazine features, it will take about 8 weeks for delivery.

If you are interested in placing an order, please send us your contact information (mailing address) along with your desired style and size (XS-XL, women’s or men’s). We will then follow up with more information.

Thank You,

Fuucccccccccccck we want one. Please daddy.

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