Proctor & Gamble Pushes Diapers, And More, With Mom’s Mouths

A secret army of Moms is hawking Proctor & Gamble products through words that pass out of their mouth, or, to use the technical term, “word of mouth marketing.”

Through the VocalPoint front company, 600,000 moms are employed to reach other moms.

    “By crafting product messages mothers will want to share, along with giving them samples, coupons, and a chance to share their own opinions with P&G, the Cincinnati consumer-product giant is using personal endorsements to cut through advertising clutter. “We know that the most powerful form of marketing is an advocacy message from a trusted friend,” says Steve Knox, Vocalpoint’s CEO.”

Spotting P&G shills is easy, just look out for the friend constantly handing you Pampers coupons.

I Sold It Through The Grapevine” [BusinessWeek via Mr. Consumer]


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  1. Of course, there’s also the horns.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Actually look for the mom with her 8 year old still in diapers.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Sarah writes:

    “Clorox does this too — I signed up to “product test” the new bleach solution stuff as part of a “mom council” or something (I did it for the $35 in amazon gift certificates and honestly didn’t pay that much attention to the details) and while I knew I was supposed to try it out and answer occasional surveys, after a bit they sent out coupons (for a free bottle) and now the surveys ask if I have given out coupons to my friends (no, I’m too lazy, and besides, the stuff is just bleach water). “

  4. trixare4kids says:

    A few months ago I had someone in my office recommend a particular product to me. She was unnaturally fervent and happy about it and I just remember thinking how odd it seemed. She even had a coupon which she pulled out of their purse to give me! Umm, no thanks.

    I asked her if she was a paid spokesperson and it turns out she’s a “bzzagent” – which means she gets points or rewards for talking about products to people and the writing up a feel good report about the results. I felt ICKED!

  5. RandomHookup says:

    When Bzzagent first started, you weren’t supposed to tell anyone. Now they “require” it. I do it just for the freebies. Mmm…Take 5 candy bars.

    Oh, yeah, write that down … 5/24/06 Blogged about delicious candy bars on highly trafficked consumer web site