Australian Scientists: Drink Diet Mixers To Really Get Loaded

Sipping on that fluorescent green drink with the umbrella coming out of it makes you more than just a total fruit; it also makes you drunker.

In the sort of study that could only possibly be justified by Australians, researchers told attendees of (we swear to God) Digestive Disease Week 2006 that artificially sweetened booze thins the blood and makes you more inebriated. Or, probably more accurately:

    They found that artificial sweeteners found in such popular mixers as Diet Coke and sugar-free Red Bull lead to a high rate of alcohol absorption, resulting in a greater blood alcohol peak and concentration than from drinks made with sugar-based mixers.

If you’ve ever seen a frat girl spinning drunkenly around on a table, flashing her breasts at everyone after one diet appletini, there’s your reason, apparently.

Artificially sweetened booze packs more punch [MSNBC] (Thanks, JPac!)

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