Hillary Clinton, Music Pirate

The world reacted to the news that George Bush was a no-good music pirate with an apathetic yawn; more interesting, perhaps, was the opalescent baby skull iPod Apple had custom designed him for his birthday. But would you be surprised if Hilary Clinton — that saintly paragon of virtues and family values who personally tops my surprisingly short list of people I’d love to slap — was also a music pirate?

According to this New York Post puff piece, Hillary has “Hey Jude” on her iPod… just like Stephen King, who never can seem to get through one of his thousand page novels without quoting the song in its entirety. But Beatles songs aren’t available over iTunes, thanks to the Apple Records vs. Apple Computers dispute. Still, it’s legal to copy your own CDs to an iPod, right? Well, not according to the RIAA, it isn’t.

Not that anyone’s surprised that the RIAA isn’t suing the very palms it needs to grease to maintain its obsolete, heavy-handed business model. Still, you have to wonder what would happen if they dug Chelsea Clinton’s IP off of The Pirate Bay.

Hillary Ipodham Clinton (ugh) [New York Post]


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  1. Paul D says:

    I have 49gb of non-iTunes music on my iPod (9050 songs). And I have the actual CDs for each and every album on there.

    Bring it on, RIAA. I’ll slap you so hard it’ll make your mama cry.

  2. Can the devil’s mother cry?

  3. Erzengel says:

    Does the Devil have a mother?

  4. thrillhouse says:

    Is Hill doing her Monica impression in that photo?

  5. Papercutninja says:

    I say that we spread rumors that the RIAA hates Muslims. Then we let the Radical Muslims sort it out for us. The RIAA headquarters atop Skull Mountain aren’t even safe from suicide bombers.

  6. AcidReign says:

    …..You may have something there, Papercutninja! Say, a cartoon of Mohammad being sued over his downloading?

  7. Ben Popken says:

    Andy writes:

    “Actually, music by Beatles is not legally available for download by any US company. Not just iTunes. The Apple/Apple Music dispute has nothing to do with it.

    I could be mistaken here, but I also believe Senator Clinton supports the RIAA’s assertion the ripping music from CDs is illegal.”