Boingle Bucket: 70’s Toy Commercial Montage

We saw over at Boing Boing this great montage of 70’s toy commercials. Bing Bang Boing looks particularly awesome… a Rube Goldberg game made entirely of masturbatory paraphernalia. “It’s down the Bingle Flinger, past the Hum Drums, up the Banglevator, through the Flicker Tickler, and into the Boingle Bucket!” Getting your balls in the Boingle Bucket is the last step before you win by reaching the ‘Big O’ square, we assume.

Click the video for a less arbitrarily tiny embedded version.


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Didn’t they warn us about that first game in Brave New World?

    In the second ad, I thought the kids were screaming, “Ecstasy!”

  2. Bubba Barney says:

    I want the music from Bing Bang Boing to be my own personal theme song.

    I had a Star Wars Van T-Racer. Wonder where that ended up. My mom probably threw it out.

    The Water Wiggle is kinda porny for those of us with dirty minds.

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..Bing-bang-boing was a piece of junk! My little brother was suckered.

    …..Our SSP racers were confiscated and thrown out. Those things would FLY! And when you ran one in the living room, it sure could scar up the legs of an antique chair! We didn’t get the pee-wee ones, though. We were “big kids” by then. You could also whip your little brother with the T-handle. It had nice plastic teeth!

    …..The little Kenner projector was another lousy toy. It had bulb that wouldn’t even make a good key-chain light! More fun was a 1960s toy called “Flashy Flickers.” It was basically a filmstrip projector that looked like a futuristic gun! Anything even remotely gun-like was ultra-cool when I was little. May have had something to do with Vietnam…

    …..We couldn’t do water wiggle or slip ‘n’ slide in our yard. My dad was a lawn-freak! Those toys would leave behind a denuded, bare mud-hole after several hours of kid-play…

  4. Benko says:

    very amusing
    would that i were a child in the seventies!
    although i’m pretty disappointed (although not that surprised) to hear that bing-bang-boing was junk.

  5. Chris Gibson says:

    I don’t know that getting the balls in the last bucket got you anything with a “Big ‘O'” in it, but they DID actually say in the last few seconds of that ad that you could even play “raise the flag!”

    Unfortunately, I was sucking down a Big Gulp Ice Tea at that very moment, which resulted in actual Tea-Through-Nose ejection all over my keyboard.

    Oh, yeah, sure, it’s funny now, but man, that hurt like a bitch! Curse you for putting my mind in such a suggestive state of mind! Bastards!