Monday Morning Reminder: We Love Your Emails

Last week was a big week for reader tips: we posted over 27 of the damn things. God bless you, our gentle readers, for the hundreds of dollars worth of posts we were paid for yet didn’t have to compose. We will think fondly of you when mopping up the tamali and caviar spilling forth from the innards of our champagne-boiled lobsters.

But no joke: we really got some great emails from you guys last week, from subjects as diverse as Huffy Basketballs to obnoxious charities to Lesbian Brides infuriated at Amazon. We also started seeing a responsible consumerist trend that I personally hope will continue: complaints about companies accompanied by copies of the letter that our readers sent to customer service and/or the Better Business Bureau. These sorts of letters helps guide other consumerists past the mouth-foaming stage of unholy rage and to the point of trying to resolve customer service complaints on a larger, more responsible level.

Anyway, you know what we usually say here: this site is your mouthpiece. Sending us an email about a company is not only a great way to vent, but it raises awareness of your issue in the minds of thousands of other shoppers. If you need advice, we can usually help; if we can’t, our commenters damn well can. And even if you hate The Consumerist, it’s never going to get any better unless you drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see. So mail us — there’s no email so pithy that we will out-and-out ignore it.

Make the jump for last week’s Readers stories.

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