Household Bank Offers Exciting 29.31% Introductory APR!

Consumer Affairs has posted up a credit card horror story that we absolutely covet. A phlegmy rope of drool pendulously dangled from our collective royal lip even as we read it. It’s just that good. Why can’t you guys get fucked over like this?

John from New Falsmouth, Massachusetts had an existing credit card with a respectable 9% APR. A decent rate — most of us would hold onto such a card with our very life’s breath. Nevertheless, he was tempted by an offer for a Household Bank platinum card that promised a 0% APR for the first twelve months. So he decided to transfer his credit.

After reading the fine print and all the forms, John sent in the balance transfer check he had received from Household Bank. The problem? The bank had sent John the wrong form and they transferred his balance over with a whopping 29.31% APR extra! And not only would Household Bank not budge, but the check bounced because of the exorbitant interest, which led John to rack up late fees, raising the rate even on his lower cards.

Only summary needed: don’t get a credit card from Household bank.

Zero To 30 Percent In Just One Month [Consumer Affairs]

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