Waiter, There’s a Lack of Disclosure in My Soup

A reader is mad that many restaurants won’t give you the dietary information about the menu. So she wrote a letter to Bertuccis, an Italian place, and sent it to us as well.

Dear Bertuccis,

While I understand the cost that goes into preparing nutritional content for your menu, I think that it would be money well spent.

Obesity in this country has become an epidemic and restaurants are partly to blame. Certainly consumers are responsible for what they eat, but it’s difficult to manage this when restaurants like yourselves neglect to post your nutritional information.

I have read on this site that you suggest that customers inquire with the local restaurants for a list of ingredients as each meal is prepared fresh daily. I have found that the menu at every Bertuccis is exactly the same, and would hazzard to assume that the main ingredients are basically the same.

Given this, I don’t believe that it would be a financial hardship for Bertuccis to compile and provide this information, and you would be doing your part, as a restaurant, to allow your patrons to make educated decisions about what they consume.

Thank you for your time.
Megan G.