Telcos: We’re Down With P

And that stands for privacy.

Verizon, Bellsouth and Qwest have all stepped forward to deny their involvement in selling confidential phone records to the NSA, leaving open the possibility that 1) they’re lying or 2) MCI or Sprint did it.

We’ll have to wait for the other pin to drop to find out whodunit.

In the meantime, try Skype. Or get service through Working Assets, long-distance and cellphone provider “for the Birkenstock crowd.” You get a free George Bush doormat with every signup. (Thanks to Amy’s Robot!).


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  1. sixtoe says:

    Sure, sign up for Working Assets–and prepare for the deluge of junk mail and telemarketing calls. I was a loyal comrade of their service, until I realized they were selling my name to anyone and everyone. Credit card offers from the Sierra Club. Cell phone offers. I eventually cancelled a couple of years ago, specifically citing my reasons to the customer-loss specialist at Working Assets. The result? I still constantly receive junk mail from them asking me to reconsider.