UPDATE: Will The Real Guy Kewney Please Stand Up?

Earlier we noted how the BBC mistakenly interviewed a French-Algerian taxi driver on his views about Apple iTunes downloads on national television, thinking he was Guy Kewney, editor of newswireless.net.

It turns out the interviewee is Guy Goma, a Business Studies graduate, from the Congo, who was in the reception area, not to pick up a fare but to interview for a high-level IT job with the beeb.

Reporteth newswireless.net, “Apparently the unflappable Mr Goma assumed the whole thing was some kind of initiation prank. His own speciality is data cleansing, and… was “a little upset that nobody asked him about his data cleansing expertise.”

That “Guy” – he really is a Guy, and not a cab driver, either!” [Newswireless.net via]


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  1. Mister Mau says:

    I can understand a case of mistakened identity. BUT…mistaking a high-level IT candidate for a cab driver?

    I’ve never been to England, but do the cab drivers there usually wear button-downs and blazers?

    Piss Poor on somebody’s part. Not Goma’s, and not Kewney’s.

    Piss Poor.

  2. John Stracke says:

    MM, it wouldn’t surprise me. I know I’ve run into one taxi driver with those kind of qualifications (in Minneapolis). Someone educated comes to the US, doesn’t find a job quickly, takes a low-end job to tide him over, and finds that the job, his skin, and his accent have combined to convince Americans that he can’t possibly be qualified.